Assignment 9

In this project we had to make a google presentation. We had a lot of topics to chose from. I chose solar energy, and how it is used. In my presentation, I explained all the pros and cons of solar energy. I explained how it worked and what it is used for. I also, said what you can do with solar energy. This project was boring.

You can see it at:

Math In Movies

In this assignment, we had to choose six movies that have math in them. A lot of movies have math in them, and we don’t even notice. If you look close you can point them out. I chose funny movies. I related to Simpsons because math back then was hard and it was like the train ride. Math was used in all of the movies that I watched. I have seen all of the movies before. That was what Math In Movies.

Here’ s the movies I chose:

  1. Hangover- Counting cards illegally and becoming rich
  2. Moneyball-Calculating batting, pitching, and on base averages.
  3. Simpsons Season 2- Adding in the train before crashing
  4. Simpsons Treehouse- In a world of shapes and equations
  5. Pay It Forward- Making the graph to represent Pay It Forward
  6. Alice In Wonderland- Fraction on the short guys head